Episode 9

Episode 9

We have managed to put another week behind us, we talk about our journey through design updates, styling updates and implementing some of the last pending features we need before launch. June 6 - June 12

Published on Sun Jun 12, 2016

This time we powered through the week, so we get to talk about that journey. We worked on design updates, implemented updated styles and knocked a few more pending features we need before launch. June 6 - June 12.

Things we have learned, read or found interesting.

Hiro looked into a few flat file CMSs for one of his existing clients. Her WordPress site is broken, and she wants to redesign. Since she wouldn’t feel comfortable using a static site generator such as Hugo, Hiro thinks Grav CMS might be a good fit for her.

Bryan was looking into the Salt Stack configuration management / dev ops toolkit this week. Testing out a few things to see if we are going to use Salt on Check Website to help with our configurations and continous integration and deployment.

Show Notes

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