Episode 10

Episode 10

Bryan and Hiro talk about the paltry amount of things they were able to accomplish this week. June 13 - 19.

Published on Sun Jun 19, 2016

Another week where it seems like the demands of life have asked for more than usual, so Bryan and Hiro discuss the paltry amount of progress made this week. Of course, a little progress is much better than no progress. In order to make up for the slow week, they talk for a much longer time this week. June 13 - 19.

Things we have learned, read or found interesting.

Hiro looked up some IDEs. Deco IDE helps building React Native apps. WebStorm helps coding JavaScript and a few related languages more efficiently. Their usefulness might depend on each project, he might try one of these in the future.

Bryan discovered the following services to help combat credit card fraud: Sift Science and SignifyD. These companies help detect fraud coming from people trying to purchase products online with stolen credit cards, they even offer to insure and refund changeback fees if they couldn’t detect the fraud and the charge was later charged back by the card holder. This kind of service would be very useful for small companies selling product online.

Show Notes

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