Episode 11

Episode 11

What do you do when the universe seems to be conspiring to keep you from getting anything done? We talk about the past week and the occasional difficulties with getting things done. June 20 - 26.

Published on Sun Jun 26, 2016

As the universe seems to have been conspiring to keep Hiro and Bryan from getting anything done, we talk about getting these things blocking our progress wrapped up so we can try and get Check Website launched to beta in the next 3 weeks. June 20 - 26.

Things we have learned, read or found interesting.

Hiro looked into JetBrain IDEs some more this week. He wants to try out WebStorm sometime in the future, but he is too busy with other things.

Hiro also found an amusing project; A DIY Cat (or dog, or human) Feeder powered by Node.js. He is curious to see how well this thing works.

Bryan upgraded his podcasting microphone boom stand to an OC White ProBoom Elite. The new mic boom is holding his Rode NT1-A microphone, which is hooked up to a Scarlett 2i2 (a USB Audio Interface).

Show Notes

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