Episode 12

Episode 12

After a couple weeks off from the podcast, we come back bringing a present. Our project, Check Website, has been launched into public beta. We talk a few minutes about getting launched and what we are working on next. June 27 - July 24.

Published on Sun Jul 24, 2016

The podcast has been quiet for a few weeks, so we came back today bringing a present. Check Website has officially launched into Public Beta. So we talk a few minutes about getting launched and what we are going to be working on in the coming weeks. June 27 - July 24.

Things we have learned, read or found interesting.

Hiro found out how to set up persistence with Chrome DevTools Workspaces. Chrome DevTools lets you change elements and styles on a web page and see your changes immediately right inside your browser. By default, the changes you make inside Chrome DevTools go away unless you’ve manually copied and pasted them into an external editor.

Workspaces feature lets you persist those changes to a local disk without having to leave Chrome DevTools. You can map resources served from a local web server to files on a disk and view changes made to those files as if they were being served.

Transparent Startups is something that Bryan has come across recently and is intriqued by the whole concept of having an Open or Transparent Company. A few notable companies have been operating under this concept, such as Groove, Buffer and GitLab. It can be quite the learning experience to be able to go online and review their internal employee policies and procedures. How new employees are added to the company, how hiring and raises are handled, etc.

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