Episode 7

Episode 7

After wrapping up a pretty sub-par week, things not getting done and families getting stressed out. We are here to talk about it. May 16 - 22.

Published on Sun May 22, 2016

We just wrapped up a pretty sub-par week, things didn’t get done, people and families got stressed out. Not every week is rainbows and unicorns, so here we are to talk about the week of May 16th - 22nd. It is time to get back in the saddle and give this new week an effort that it deserves.

Things we have learned, read or found interesting.

Bryan was reading about The DAO, an autonomous corporation that was created by the group working on Ethereum - The Blockchain App Platform. An interesting way of interacting with other people across the world, without having to trust them because you are backed by Ethereum’s Smart Contracts.

Hiro learned a thing or two about how to use Bourbon Framework and Sass/Scss.

Project Check Website

What did we get done last week?

  • We were able to get some backend work finished up, started working on handling International domains when checking expiration dates. There is work still to be done with that, especially with how the url gets escaped by Go on the backend.
  • We got some integration code cleaned up that lets us know when a new user signs up via our internal Slack channel. We stopped using a library and replaced it with a simple incomming webhook call. We’ll probably re-use the other library when we have a chance to work on customer facing messaging integrations.

What are we going to work on this week?

  • We are coding up a new login screen, one that can handle both our users that are using our email token login system and those with a traditional login and password.
  • Emails! We keep talking about needing to work on emails and they keep getting put off to the future. We still need to work on these, get some designs finalized and get it working in Foundation.
  • More of our newer design needs to be implemented.

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