Episode 5

Episode 5

We have already finished the first week of May! This week went by fast, May 1 - May 7.

Published on Sun May 8, 2016

We have completed the first week of May, can you believe that it is already May?! We can hardly believe that the time is going by so fast. Join us as we talk about the week of May 1st.

Things we have learned, read or found interesting.

Hiro caught another rumor claiming that his area would have a massive earthquake in the next couple of weeks. He is skeptical, though, as all similar stories in the past five years turned out false. We will see if this one will be an exception to the poor track record.

My brother got me a subscription to Japan Crate for my birthday this year and I just recieved the package this week. It is full of fun candy and snacks from Japan, definitely something I enjoy. I used to subscribe to Candy Japan, before I started cutting down on eating so much sugar. There is so much sugar in everything you can eat, I just had to cut down - so the candy subscription had to go. It just makes the package my brother got me that much more happy.

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