Episode 4

Episode 4

Building our products, one line of code at a time. April 25 - May 1.

Published on Sun May 1, 2016

After another grueling week, we are back at it again. This time we talk about the week of April 25th; a shocker, I know. The important thing is that we keep pushing forward, making a little progress day over day.

Things we have learned, read or found interesting.

This week, I found FUN: Exploding Kittens - App Emotes, a post about the Exploding Kittens Game (Android, iOS) and all the sounds and emotes they added to the apps. I have the physical card game, which is a lot of fun, but the game is also available on your mobile phone. I think I may end up playing around too much with these sounds.

Hiro has been practicing iPad drums. He’s also been thinking about good development practices and why it’s important.

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