Episode 1

Episode 1

This is just the beginning. Hiro and Bryan have started their journey to build software and a company.

Published on Wed Apr 13, 2016

Hiro and Bryan are starting to build a software company together, across the Pacific Ocean. Bryan currently lives in Washington State, USA and Hiro currently lives in Hamamatsu, Japan. A mere 4,963 miles (or 7,987 km) across the Pacific.

We have a lot of different things to learn as we try to build this company and the software that belongs to it. This is our inaugural episode and we hope the series will help document the process and the things we find and learn along the way. Join us as we write code and business plans to Hack the Pacific.

Our First Product: Check Website

Since we are trying to build a software company, we need a product. The first thing on our list is Check Website, a simple service that helps you keep up with your (or your client’s) websites. Check Website will let you know if one of your domains or a security certificate is expiring soon. It will even let you know if your website is down when we are running our checks.

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