Change is Brewing

Episode 14

The seasons are changing, so we thought we would also change things up with the podcast and how we approach building our business.

Published on Thu Oct 20, 2016

Change is good, right?

It has been a little more than 2 months since our last podcast and we have been thinking about some ways to change things up. We have also been trying to learn the lessons that the business has been trying to teach us lately. It is time for us to switch around our focuses, how we approach business problems and solve them using software.

Podcast Changes

This podcast was created so that we could try and share the things we, Hiro and Bryan, are learning and experiencing as we are building an international software business. So we are changing the format a little bit so we talk more about a topic, rather than status updates and the minutia of our weekly tasks. Our hope is that the changes will benefit our audience more than the format we started out with.

Business Lessons

In building Check Website, we approached the problem from the wrong end. When running a business, there needs to be a proper focus on your customer and their needs. Our approach to building the product and marketing it just isn’t working for who we thought would most like our product. We got too caught up in building the product, thinking it would just sell. It is time for us to change how we are building and selling this product.


We are continually learning and striving to be better than yesterday, one day at a time. So, until next time, keep hacking!

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